The chances of us getting a Wolverine Vs Deadpool crossover sounds more and more possible as the days grow on. Sure, Hugh Jackman has stated that this weekend's Logan will be his last turn as the mutant Wolverine. And Patrick Stewart has officially called it quits as Professor X after this latest X-Men spin-off. But Jackman has said he's open to the possibility of coming back to fight Wade Wilson in a crossover. And now Patrick Stewart is rethinking his retirement when it comes to this franchise.

Sure, Logan represents a significant moment for both Wolverine and Professor X. And it is bringing an era to a close, one that started why back in 2000 with the original X-Men, which was considered the most groundbreaking superhero movie of its time. But perhaps there is room for one more Logan and Professor X reunion on the big screen. Asked by MTV if Logan was truly going to be his swan song as the bald telepath, Steward said this

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"I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about Deadpool makes me think, well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier."

So, if this Wolverine Vs Deadpool movie happens, it's definitely possible that both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart will revive their X-Men characters, which will surely be the butt of a lot of Wade Wilson's jokes, as he's a character that clearly loves breaking the fourth wall. Even if Hugh Jackman doesn't return, it sounds like Patrick might be open to showing up for a cameo in one of the upcoming Deadpool or X-Force sequels by himself.

This would be a chance to show some of the humor that orbits around the persona of Charles Xavier. He's not all serious all the time, no matter how he's played in Logan. And Stewart has shown he has a very deft hand at comedy, especially with his recent sitcom Blunt Talk and his voice work on America Dad and Family Guy, not to mention his appearance in the Strongbow Hard Cider commercials. Stewart knows his way around a joke, and could probably kill it in a Deadpool movie.

That said, what isn't clear is whether or not Deadpool exists in the Patrick Stewart/Professor X timeline, or the one currently held down by his younger doppelgänger James McAvoy. As he doesn't age, Hugh Jackman's Logan has been able to bounce all over these timelines without much cause or effect. Wade Wilson, on the other hand, does age, as far as we know...Right?

It has recently been confirmed that Deadpool will actually be back up on the big screen this weekend, appearing in a teaser that plays before Logan in theaters. This is a standalone short that does not feature either Hugh Jackman as Wolverine nor Patrick Stewart as Professor X, though. We still have a while to wait before any kind of actual crossover is announced by Fox, with Deadpool 2 shooting this summer, and in theaters sometime in 2018. And that will be followed by X-Force. Perhaps by 2020, both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart will be ready to jump back into this world.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange