Along with the upcoming sequel Zombieland 2, screenwriters Rhett Reese are also working on a new superhero spin-off film as well. MTV Splash Page recently spoke with Reese and Wernick, who described their status on the Deadpool film.

"We're outlining it pretty seriously right now," explained Rhett Reese. "We're in the early stages." RELATED: Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Wanted to Be Deadpool, Thinks Reed Richards 'Would Be Fun'

"We just absolutely adore the character and the comic," explained Wernick. "And tonally, it's right up our alley. He's the unstable, smart-ass, self deprecating guy - and they say write what you know, so [we're perfect for it]."

Reese and Wernick also revealed how closely they have been working with the man who is playing Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, and that they are "developing it on a near-daily basis with Ryan Reynolds, who is just awesome," according to Wernick.

"What's great about Ryan is that he's been the keeper of the Deadpool flame for many years, he's loved the character since forever; he lives it and breathes it," Reese said of some of the specific ideas Reynolds has brought up to them. "We're a little newer to Deadpool, although we've done a bit of catching up. One of the nice things about working with Ryan is that he tonally gets it - if we ever do something that is off the Deadpool path, or if it doesn't feel like Deadpool, he catches it."

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