Deadwood actor W. Earl Brown took to social media to announce that he has read the recently completed script for the upcoming movie based on the hit Western series. Fans of HBO's Deadwood were crushed when the show was canceled in June of 2006. A proposed 2-hour movie to air on HBO was set to be written, and creator David Milch agreed to the movie idea, though it would have messed with his vision of a timeline, since each season was equal to 2 weeks in the life of Deadwood. The movie was still in the planning stages until late 2007 when it was announced that the idea was dead.

Fans of Deadwood were ecstatic to learn that the possibility of a movie was being discussed again when HBO green lit Milch to write a new script in 2016. It has now been reported that the Deadwood movie script is not only complete, but that it's really good too. W. Earl Brown who played Dan Dority on the show tweeted that he had read the finished script and that it was "thrilling." Read what Brown had to say below.

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"I've read, or had Dave (Milch, the creator) read to me, sections of it over the last two years. I now have the completed version ... While it may lack the physical heft of olde, it's emotional and philosophical heft is gargantuan ... The hour and half it took me to read was f***ing thrilling and f***ing heartbreaking."

Last month it was reported that the finished script had been sent to HBO and Milch said that if the movie didn't happen it was HBO's fault. After years of rumors and stalls, it seems like the Deadwood movie is actually going to happen this time.

Deadwood originally aired for three season on HBO from 2004-2006 and has been a fan favorite for the last decade. Milch and the stars of the show have constantly been asked over the years about the possibility of a movie. Ian McShane starred in the series and told Den of Geek in February of this year that he would love to revisit his character.

"I would love to do that again, be reunited with David and Tim and everybody concerned with it. But they better make a deal sooner or later because we're all getting on a bit. It would be great to work with David Milch again, which was maybe the best experience I ever had."

The show had a bit of reputation for having a lot of profanity. It has been reported that the series contained a whooping 2,980 F-words in it with 43 of them included in the first hour of the show. Critics praised the show for its gritty story where the loser often comes out on top. Milch's unique style of writing dialogue has also been praised.

If it's going to happen, now is the perfect time to revive Deadwood. It seems that all of the stars are finally aligned this time around, even though there is still a little whiff of doubt in the air. Only time will tell if we get to see Deadwood rise again and if we don't, we can blame HBO.