Earlier this week, actress Kim Dickens attended the The 66th Annual Emmy Awards and, while on the red carpet, discussed a possible revival of HBO's popular western series Deadwood. The show was put on hold after its /tv/deadwood/third season back in 2006, but never officially canceled.

Here she talks about her how they did not get to finish the series.

"Deadwood still hurts. The fact that we didn't get to wrap up that story, and really not a day goes by that, or at this point, a couple of days goes by that someone doesn't ask about it. If we are going to finish it or not."

She goes on to talk about a possible revival of the series.

"You know what, join the club, because we all feel sort of heartbroken for it, and for /person/david-milch/David. He's the true creative genius behind it, and he knew he needed four seasons, that's it. He had a perfect wrapping it up place. You know, I've spoken to him about it, and I think he harbors a hope and he's always open to the possibility."

Created and executive produced by David Milch, Deadwood was one of most acclaimed dramas on television. The series was nominated for 22 /tv/the-emmy-awards/Emmys® and won 7 and earned a /tv/golden-globes/Golden Globe® Award in its first two seasons for Ian McShane. It told the story of the outlaw camp of Deadwood. The camp marched slowly towards civilization, facing its first elections. But the power struggles continue over everything in Deadwood-influence, money, and whores-as the founding camp members form strategic alliances to face down the threat of a powerful newcomer, seeking to remake Deadwood in his image.

Kim Dickens played Joanie Stubbs, Cy Tolliver's former madam at the Bella Union. Unlike Trixie, she acted only as the hostess, and not was a prostitute herself.When we last saw her, she had found comfort in a burgeoning romance with Calamity Jane. She was attempting to rebuild her life by making the Chez Amis into a school house.

Shortly after Deadwood Season 3, all of the major players went their separate ways, with most going onto bigger and better things. Scheduling a fourth season has become a logistical nightmare in the recent years. But this season will be the last for Justified, opening up Timothy Olyphant's schedule. And Ian McShane is no longer committed to a long TV contract at the moment, so maybe there is hope.

Would you want to see the series continue or be made into a movie?