Dean Cain is returning to the world of Superman on television - but this time not as the hero. The former star of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman will be appearing on Smallville, but this time in a role opposed to the last son of Krypton. Talking to TV Guide, Dean Cain revealed some information about his upcoming appearance.

"I'm pretty evil," the Cain says, about his role as Dr. Curtis Knox, a neurosurgeon who, despite working for Lex Luthor, has "sort of good intentions. He's cured many meteor-infected patients." This will be of great interest to Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack), who has the meteor-powered talent to heal people. Cain hints that Knox "has romance on the mind, [just] not the way you may think."

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Fans of Cain can rejoice in the fact that the episode will end in such a way that Dr. Knox can return. According to show creator, Al Gough, Knox "is going to have an ax to grind with Clark. He is definitely someone who could come back and cause problems in the future."

Cain isn't the first former Superman to appear on Smallville. Christopher Reeve (Superman) made several appearances before his death as Dr. Swan - the first person to explain Clark's Kryptonian heritage to him. Gough has said that they have been wanting to bring Cain on to the show for a while now, "Frankly, we've been looking for a role for Dean since Season 4," Gough says. "Because of Dean's connection to Superman, we wanted to make sure we had something worthy of him being on the show."

When asked about the differences between the world his Clark Kent inhabited, as opposed to that of Smallville, Cain says "The tone of this show is entirely different. It takes a second to get into their world.... It's a very different world, one that I hadn't been a part of."

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