Roel Reiné has taken the reins once again, with a new installment of the high speed thriller Death Race 3.

Roel Reiné will be joined by Death Race director and producer Jeremy Bolt and Paul W.S. Anderson to bring back Frankenstein for another go at the Death Race Tournament. With the success of Death Race 2, Roel Reiné will once again have to raise the bar for the Home Entertainment market. Although Death Race 2 never made it into theaters, many argue that it should have had a theatrical appearance.

Death Race 3 will take place in a remote prison in Africa, where Frankenstein (Luke Goss) will have to, once again, hold his own against fellow inmates. Newly designed vehicles will bring a different look into the sadistic minds of the Death Race 3 participants.

Let's hope this one makes it to the theaters.

Filming will begin early November in South Africa.