A fan theory about the Death Star turns it into another weapon all together. When it comes to the Star Wars franchise, there are no shortages of fan theories. There's the theory (backed by physicists) that blowing up the Death Star at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi would've killed off the entire population of Ewoks on Endor as well as the Rebel Alliance. The theory is affectionately called the "Ewok Holocaust." While fan theories are what they are, just theories, some come around and really get people thinking and debating.

Rogue One is currently available on VOD and Blu-ray, which has lead to repeated watching of the movie by fans, figuring out plot holes from the previous movies that Rogue One fills in. Specifically, a lot of information was delivered about the origins of the Death Star in the movie and it sparked a Star Wars theory that seems obvious now. A Reddit subreddit dedicated to fan theories has brought up an interesting theory regarding the design of the Death Star. Here's what it says.

"So I was surprised I didn't see this earlier, but Rogue One convinced me that the Death Star is a giant lightsaber. All it needs is one second of activation in order to pierce the core of the planet, causing the planet to explode."

This theory makes sense when you think about it. In Rogue One, the Empire were trying to get as much Kyber crystal as possible to use in their powerful super weapon, specifically the laser. The Death Star actually just might be one giant lightsaber. Boom. Minds blown. Wookipedia seems to almost back the theory up in an article about the Darksaber. The Darksaber was a super weapon built by Durga used to hold ransoms on entire planets and was even designed by Bevel Lemelisk, the man behind the Death Star.

Kyber crystals, also known as the living crystal are Force attuned crystals that grew naturally and were scattered across many planets. The crystals concentrated energy in a unique manner through the Force, resonating within it. Young Jedis were sent to mine for the crystals to construct their own lightsabers as a part of their early training. According to Star Wars legend the crystals are pretty rare, but not as rare as the more powerful giant Kyber crystals that can be used for super weapons.

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The one problem with this Death Star as Lightsaber theory is that it's being used by the Sith Lords, and it's green. Why isn't it red? Previously, it was believed that the Dark Side lightsabers were red because they were created and powered by synthetic, man-made Kyber crystals. The Sith were forced to make their own lightsabers, because the Jedi had control of the real Kyber crystals, a substance also believed to fuel the dreaded Death Star.

But in the recent book Ahsoka, which follows Anakin Skywalker's former Jedi apprentice, the red Sith lightsaber gets an official Star Wars canon explenation. It is revealed that the Kyber crystals are actually force sensitive. They choose their desired users and present themselves to the Jedi in question. Those who use the Dark Side of the Force, such as the Sith, don't have this unique connection to the crystals. The only way a Sith can get ahold of a Kyber crystal is by stealing them or taking them away from the defeated Jedi. The crystal loses its original hue as the Sith, or other Dark Side users of the Force bends the Kyber to their own will. This results in the Kyber crystal 'bleeding', thus turning it red. A crystal that has been tainted by the Dark Side can be healed. But it doesn't return to its normal color, it instead turns white. Now, there could be an explenation for the green laser coming out of the Death Star. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine have a few Jedi locked in the Death Star basement and are having them curate the core of this super weapon? Perhaps? If that at all makes any sense. No, it doesn't. Hmm. Okay.

Now where this gets even more interesting is that the Starkiller Base, also powered by Kyber crystals, does have a red laser. And it is a product of Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren and the Sith. This all just got a little more interesting.

So is the Death Star just one giant lightsaber? Many signs point to yes. And perhaps we'll get an explanation as to why the original Death Star has a green laser in future books or movies. Though, we may never get an official answer. But it sure makes a lot of sense especially when one takes into account the legends of the Kyber crystals and their use in ancient super weapons. Now to get back to the "Ewok Holocaust" theory and wondering whether if all of the Ewoks are alive. Where is Wicket?

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