The location of the Death Star wreckage in The Rise of Skywalker trailer has finally been revealed. Many Star Wars fans were under the assumption that it was the planet Endor when the first footage dropped. However, that has now been proven false, though it seemed to make sense at the time. The Death Star 2 was destroyed right above Endor and speculation about the return of the Ewoks started to fire up with a possible return to the Forest Moon of Endor, making more than few fans pretty angry in the process. With that being said, we could still see some elderly Ewoks at some point if they head back to the familiar moon.

Disney and Lucasfilm announced today that the Star Tours ride will be revamped to include destinations from The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th. The only location that was officially announced was the "oceanic moon" called Kef Bir, which is where the Death Star wreckage is. No other information was given about the planet, but it seems pretty interesting and we will undoubtedly know more about it in the coming weeks and then we'll be able to experience at the Disney theme parks.

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In The Rise of Skywalker footage we've seen thus far, Rey, Finn, and Poe are spotted on Kef Bir and later Kylo Ren and Rey engage there in battle. This may disappoint some Star Wars fans who were hoping to finally get a glimpse of the gas giant planet Endor. However, J.J. Abrams has enough on his plate at the moment and really doesn't need to keep adding more and more new locations.

The ice planet of Kijimi has also finally been shown in better detail in latest and final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. The planet is very much a mystery, but we know that is where the Thieves' Quarter is and the place where Zorri Bliss hides out. The droidsmith Babu Frik is also a resident as seen in the trailer when he's going through the reprogramming of C-3PO. While not much is known about the planet, it looks like there may be some strong ties to the First Order there, along with Emperor Palpatine.

With images of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars 9 and his throne finally being shown, it has led to questions as to where this could be. Was Palpatine hanging out on Kijimi this whole time, or are the rumors of Exogol? We don't have the answer at the moment, but the good thing is that there are is less than two months to wait and find out. J.J. Abrams is putting an end to the Skywalker Saga and has a lot of loose ends to tie up with only a short amount of time to do so. He seems confident that he has ended everything in a satisfying way. The official Star Wars site was the first to reveal the "oceanic moon" called Kef Bir.