Earlier this week, we reported that The Grey director Joe Carnahan will write and direct the Death Wish remake. The director later revealed on his Twitter page, that he was writing a role for The Grey's Frank Grillo, although he would not be playing the lead role of Paul Kersey. Yesterday, Frank Grillo appeared on The Matthew Aaron Show, and cleared up the reports on Death Wish, revealing Russell Crowe is being eyed to star as Paul Kersey.

"He (Joe Carnahan) is imagining it as a two hander, it's not just (Charles) Bronson, it's two brothers. If Russell Crowe was going to be the guy, I'd want you to be his brother."
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Frank Grillo also spoke about the original incarnation of Death Wish, when Sidney Lumet was originally attached to direct and Jack Lemmon set to star, before director Michael Winner and Charles Bronson came on board. The actor revealed Joe Carnahan wants to be more true to the original novel by Brian Garfield in his remake.

"It's certainly not going to do what the (Charles) Bronson movies did, they were fun but when you go back and watch them they don't really hold up very well, they were a product of their time. He (Carnahan) wants to do something far more interesting, like what Lumet had in mind for the film."

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