MGM and director Eli Roth's company CryptTV have released a new red band trailer for Death Wish, which features more than enough action and some rather gruesome deaths. The trailer is crafted in the form of a "grindhouse trailer," with Corey Burton, who provided the voiceover narration for the actual Grindhouse movie, narrating this trailer that is chocked full of action and provides a bit of a throwback to fans of the 1970s grindhouse movies and the trailers these unique movie houses would put together. While there is no actual nudity or R-rated language, there is no shortage of gunplay.

The story centers on Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) as a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of his city's violence as it's rushed into his ER, until his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and college-age daughter (Camila Morrone) are viciously attacked in their suburban home. With the police overloaded with crimes, Paul, burning for revenge, hunts for his family's assailants to deliver justice. As the anonymous slayings of criminals grabs the media's attention, the city wonders if this deadly avenger is a guardian angel...or a grim reaper. Fury and fate collide in the intense action-thriller Death Wish.

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MGM will release Death Wish nationwide on March 2, 2018, putting it up against 20th Century Fox's Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence. This project has been in development for quite some time, with writer-director Joe Carnahan coming aboard back in 2012. The filmmaker had reportedly been eyeing Russell Crowe to play Dr. Paul Kersey, and Frank Grillo to play Kersey's brother Frank, a role that ultimately went to Vincent D'Onofrio. MGM reportedly wanted to cast Bruce Willis as Kersey, with Gerardo Naranjo coming aboard to replace Joe Carnahan, but he would ultimately be replaced by Eli Roth, with the studio getting its wish by casting Bruce Willis as Paul Kersey.

The supporting cast includes Mike Epps, Jack Kesy, Dean Norris, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Beau Knapp, Kimberly Elise and Ronnie Gene Blevins. Eli Roth is directing from a screenplay by Joe Carnahan, which apparently remained unchanged from when he was set to direct since no other writers came aboard. While we'll have to wait and see how audiences respond to the movie, director Eli Roth did make quite the bold prediction last year.

Director Eli Roth revealed in an interview last year that he thinks this remake could be the comeback performance for Bruce Willis, whose last few movies haven't exactly been huge box office hits. With only one other new release in theaters on March 2, Red Sparrow, it's certainly possible that this could do quite well and find a huge audience. While we wait for more details, take a look at the new trailer, courtesy of CryptTV YouTube.