Casting Call!

Male & Female Actors wanted to donate their time to Death's End! These roles are unpaid, but hell, you'll be in the coolest horror series ever! Check out what we're casting for: (spoilers? nahhhh...)

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- Lead FEMALE Actor willing to commit to 12 episodes. 18-23 years old, cute & spunky for physical role.

- Male actor needed for 1 episode. 20-30 years old, scruffy looking slouch.

- We are also looking for ANYONE willing to be gored up

and walk as the dead! That's right...YOU COULD BE A FLESH EATING ZOMBIE! We will provide everything you need for your role so if you're interested javascript:void(0|CLICK HERE and fill out the form! We'll get back to you soon!

Movie PictureHalloween is coming...are you scared yet? I don't know about you guys but I LOVE Halloween. I watch as many horror movies as I can in October to get pumped up for the great day. But, what happens when you get old? Is it not fun anymore because you can't go trick-or-treating? Nonsense. Just ask Brock or Droid. The past three years we have made Halloween something special for all of the little brats in our town. Yes they get candy, but they have to earn it from a bunch of gore obsessed freaks. This year. The Death's End themed courtyard will scare the pants off of every unsuspecting tricker and treater. God, I can't wait. Hey, maybe they'll even get their picture with Derek Neville: Zombie Killer...if they're lucky.

Here's some Halloween themed stuff I dug up for the occasion.

There are 2 movies to see this October in celebration of the evilest month of the year. The first is From Hell, a great new movie about Jack The Ripper. It's due on the 19th, and is guaranteed to to give you some creeps. Check out these clips over at iFILM. Click this.

iFILM is also having the their annul Halloween Showcase. This is definitely worth a look...why? Because you can watch all of Night Of The Living Dead, that's why!

The second movie you have to see this month is 13 Ghosts. Creepfest extrordinaire! Get psyched for the movie by playing the 13 Ghosts game over at the ever frightening 13th Street site. While you're there take a look at the some of the most disturbing short films you'll ever see...what's you're HorrorSkope telling you?

And of corpse, for the ultimate in terror, take a dive into the zombie apocalypse with the first episode of Death's End.

The Awesome Monster Bashers....what is it? ~Brian