I can't believe it!!! It's finally here!!! The debut of Death's End!!! Who cares what I have to say about it...get your first glimpse of this new horror series with the Overture episode! After a few month's of working on the launch of Lights Out's first horror series, it has finally arrived! Though the first episode is nearing completion, we have provided you with a taste of the series. The Overture has captured the realm of which the characters of this zombie filled apocalyptic world travel.

Along with the film we have created some interactive stuff for you to explore all in the name of Death's End. Coming soon enough...the Zombie Survival game. Prepare yourself. Lights Out Entertainment is proud to present....Death's End. (When clicking the link make sure you scroll down to the Overture)

Movie Picture

In honor of our our new series we are also launching a new section! We like to call it...Features.

I know...I know...it's pretty original, but this new Features section packs a huge punch. It's where you are able to browse TOP SECRET Lights Out mission files that have been declassified for the public. You will now know get to find out exactly who the LOE special forces members are! Debunk guys like The Fritch, C-Lint, & BC Ben right away!

Also debuting in the Features section are the viewer submitted films that have been sitting here collecting dust at Lights Out for too long! Finally YOUR independent films that you submit to us will have a home! To mark this great occasion we are giving you 2 great films...

The first comes from our newest team member, Steve Reedy, and is entitled The Lactose 500. MTV's Jackass ripped these guys off! check out the originators of milk sports.

The second film is a punk rock music video for a song by Orange County legends, The Suppression Swing. This has been brought to you by the one and only Evan Jacobs who has no time to make films anymore because of his highly prestigious job reviewing movies for us.

Another reason to check out the Features section often, as if there wasn't already, is the birth of Girth. "Girth? What's that?" Yeah...what is it? All I can say that Girth is coming, and Onion13 is bringing him. Trust me...Sick & Twisted will never have something this cool.

That's it! Stay tuned as usual and let me know what you think of Death's End!!! Enjoy!