Hello people!

Some cool stuff surrounding Lights Out this week. As Steve mentioned in his last post, Ain't Cool News posted our pics of the Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas ride over at Disneyland. For the full run down on all of the happenings at the magical kingdom click here.

In other cool news, Garth over at Dark Horizons has mentioned Death's End in his update today! Cool stuff!

{@IMG:PvaNNmqW0lrXUHjNvsHw8avf9eefIe|Movie [email protected]}Star Wars: Episode I hit the DVD shelves this week! If you haven't gone out and bought yourself a copy yet, you are truly missing out on some great Jedi action! The "Making Episode I" documentary is well worth the cost of the DVD itself, even if you didn't like the movie!In other Star wars related news Brock found a review of the 2nd edit of Star Wars: Episode II by some that works at ILM! If you would like to ruin it for yourself, click this. Personally, I like the bliss of ignorance!

Stay tuned...~Brian