Earlier in the week we were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Manganiello as an unmasked Deathstroke without the eyepatch, and now the actor has revealed the first official image of his character on social media, in all of his gray, eyepatch-wearing glory. By now, there shouldn't be any spoiler alerts for Justice League, and everybody should know that Deathstroke has a cameo in one of the post-credit scenes with Lex Luthor. The scene hints towards a League of Doom project, but in true DC fashion, nothing has been announced or even talked about since, but there have been rumblings of some more Deathstroke coming our way.

Joe Manganiello took to Instagram to share the first official look at Slade Wilson and he looks pretty awesome. The picture is taken while filming the post-credit scene of Justice League with Lex Luthor, where the duo are setting up a "league of their own," but a League of Doom, not the Rockford Peaches. Up until now, we've only seen the blurry behind the scenes photos of Manganiello in his Deathstroke gear, so this is a treat for DC fans and fans of the actor as well.

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Joe Manganiello's fate in the DCEU remains a little hazy at this point in time. During production of Justice League, Ben Affleck let slip that Manganiello had been hired to play iconic DC comics assassin character Deathstroke for The Batman, back when Affleck was still attached to write and direct the project. It's been widely reported that Affleck is planning his exit from the standalone movie, and that he will more than likely bail when his promotional duties for Justice League are complete. It has been rumored that director Matt Reeves wanted a more well-known villain when he took over The Batman, so it seems unlikely that we will see Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke in that project.

It was revealed last month that The Raid director Gareth Evans is in early talks to write and direct a Deathstroke spin-off movie, starring Joe Manganiello. The reports have been confirmed, but no deals have been made and the project is said to be in the very early stages of development, which could mean a lot of things at this point. DC has had The Flash in development hell for the last handful of years, but may finally be on track with Flashpoint. The point being, it may be a long time before we see a Deathstroke movie, if it happens at all.

Deathstroke was introduced in the comics in 1980 in New Teen Titans No. 2. The character, whose real name is Slade Wilson, is an expert assassin with super strength and stamina. On TV, he has been played by Manu Bennett on The CW's Arrow. Joe Manganiello looks like the perfect choice for Deathstroke and hopefully we get to see more of him soon, even if it is the League of Doom project. You can check out the brand-new picture of an unmasked Deathstroke below, courtesy of Joe Manganiello's Instagram account.