Okay horror fiends, have we got some goretastic news for you...

In a recent interview with CCBanana.com, Twisted Sister frontman and parttime filmmaker Dee Snider discussed the long awaited Strangeland II!

Here is what Mr. Snider had to say about that project that has been talked about a lot but apparently is a ways away from being lensed:

Dee Snider: In my defense, I do have an excuse! The U.S. government seized the property and arrested the CFO of The Shooting Gallery, the production company who

made the first StrangeLand. So I was in court fighting to get my property back for 5 f*&king years! I did finally get it back this past year and now Lionsgate Entertainment says that they'd like to pick it up. Their exact words were,"We want to make the sequel." But getting it from there into movie theaters is going to be a long f*&king road.

Lionsgate does have plans to release an extended cut of the original StrangeLand on DVD in July 2007. We're even going to be shooting a new scene, which will be attached to the end of the movie as a teaser for the next one. After it fades to black, it will now fade up on an autopsy. That will be the opening scene for the sequel, which will be called Strangeland: Disciple.

When there is more information on Strangeland: Disciple we will be sure to bring it to you!