While many have waited a long while to see John D. MacDonald's novel The Deep Blue Good-by come to the big screen, they're going to have to wait even longer. 20th Century Fox has officially canceled the project after Christian Bale injured his knee. It is not known when, or if, the project will get back on its feet, but the actor will be fine.

Christian Bale was set to star as an ex-solider who lives on a house boat and works as a 'salavage consultant' only to be come embroiled in a mystery. The former Batman actor tore his ACL just as he was set to start shooting Paramount's The Big Short. That film doesn't seem to be affected at this time. But the knee ligament injury is preventing filming of The Deep Blue Good-by, which reportedly requires a much more physically intensive role. The climax of the movie takes place on boats and is very action-heavy.

The Wolverine director James Mangold was set to take the helm on The Deep Blue Good-by. Peter Dinklage, Nicola Peltz and Rosamund Pike were Christian Bale's co-stars. The movie was going to shoot this May in Florida and Puerto Rico, but that will not come to pass. And the fate of the movie remains uncertain.

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Some insiders are saying the film is completely dead in the water. Others believe it is just being postponed. If the movie is only being delayed, Fox may need to find a new leading man. Christian Bale already has quite a few other projects lined-up heading into next year, so re-teaming him with the director and same co-stars will not be an easy task. James Mangold also has Wolverine 3 on his impending slate, and may have to make that his next project now.

This is certainly a sad turn of events for John D. MacDonald fans, who were first promised an adaptation of The Deep Blue Good-by back in the late 90s, when both Oliver Stone and Paul Greengrass were at one point slated to direct. Leonardo DiCaprio was even set to star, but he is far too busy at the moment to come back and replace Christian Bale. Though, now that Fox has quite a few years invested in the project, it's unlikely that it will completely go away. It's quite possible that the studio, along with producers Chernin Entertainment and Appian Way, will try to resurrect the novel adaptation. Brad Pitt was immediately sought to replace Christian Bale but wasn't available. It was only after that was confirmed, that Fox decided to pull the plug.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange