They were supposed to be preservers of peace. But instead they bring pain and misery to a future that never saw it coming. Defective is on VOD this February! Witness the ruthless result of minor wrongdoing with this acclaimed sci-fi thriller. Uncork'd Entertainment has unleashed the first trailer and poster, and, well, you better just check it out for yourself.

From writer-director Reese Eveneshen, director of Dead Genesis, and genre specialist Uncork'd Entertainment comes the highly-anticipated Defective, which promises to storm VOD next month. In the near future, the corporation S.E.A., has implemented North America's first and only police state. Uniformed, anonymous Preservers of Peace investigate, judge, and sentence people for even the smallest of crimes. The punishment? Instant public execution. Rhett Murphy and his sister Jean must escape certain execution after witnessing the dark secrets of the nefarious corporation.

Colin Paradine, Raven Cousens, and Ashley Armstrong star in a Reese Eveneshen film, and quite frankly, it looks like Drive-In movie heaven. Reese Eveneshen writes and directs this original sci-fi thriller. According to IMDB, Evenshen 'has always had a strong passion and love for film making and screen writing. Since 2004, he has dedicated his life to film making and story telling making over 20 different film projects. Eveneshen has spent years learning about the many varieties of film making equipment and technology by working on professional film sets and through self-teaching. In addition, he has become well versed in the business and production end of film making.'

As of 2010 several of Eveneshen's films have screened numerous times, and he even won the jury award for "Best short film" for his 2008 dramatic thriller short Numb. Then in 2009, Eveneshen directed his most dynamic feature film to date, the dramatic horror/zombie film Dead Genesis. In 2010 he directed the music video titled Don't Forget Me for Toronto indie band Desperate Union. More recently, Eveneshen scripted the film Bail Enforcers starring acclaimed WWE wrestler and actress Trish Stratus, which was released a few years ago.

In 2008, Eveneshen started producing films alongside fellow filmmaker Peter Szabo. Together they've produced three of Eveneshen's projects (Numb, Dead Genesis and Don't Forget Me) and Szabo's short film Too Low. In 2011, Eveneshen brought his producing skills to the Szabo's short film Love Never Dies (adapted from a chilling short story by acclaimed novelist Stephen King). He also directed four episodes of Secret Diary of a Call Centre Girl. Now, Defective marks his most ambitious feature film to date. And it looks pretty amazing for a cheap throwaway VOD movie most people will either watch blazed or drunk at 3am in the morning.

You can get your first amazing look at Defective and its RoboCop gone wrong scenario in the first trailer courtesy of Uncork'd Entertainment. We also have the cool poster which is reminiscent of old VHS covers from the late 80s and early 90s. This is a genre fans dream come true.

<strong><em>Defective</em></strong> Poster

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