Devil May Cry: According to Variety, the popular video game Devil May Cry is set to make it's way to the big screen.

Less than six months after securing an option for the movie rights to Capcom's popular video game "Onimusha," Gaga Communications announced Monday that it has inked to turn another Capcom game, "Devil May Cry," into a blockbuster.

The deal is based on an exclusive rights option agreement.

As part of Gaga's extensive efforts to diversify and get into the content production business, "Devil May Cry" will be developed as a live action feature film with the help of Hollywood talent to be announced later. The $40 million budgeted pic is slated for a 2005 production and release the following year.

The "Devil May Cry" vidgame series has sold 4.27 million copies worldwide. The game's hero Dante fights to protect humanity against the devil.