The Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King:Newsweek has unveiled 2 scenes that have been deleted from the final cut of The Return of The King, but which you can expect to see released in the extended cut of the DVD...

"Scene 1: Scenes in the House of Healing, where Eowyn and Faramir recuperate after the battle. Aragorn heals Eowyn, she falls harder for him, Faramir falls for her. Jackson cut it because he felt the movie had strayed too long from Frodo. RELATED: Amazon's The Lord of the Rings Series First Look Arrives as Release Date Is Announced

Scene 2: Jackson had filmed scenes of Wormtongue killing Sarumon for inclusion in Two Towers, but moved it to Return of the King, but then felt it was "old business" slowing the movie".

Thanks to DH for the scoop!