Ghost Rider: In an interview with Sci Fi Wire Jon Voight revealed that he is in talks to play a villain in the upcoming movie adaptation of the Ghost Rider comic.

"If you're going to play a strong character in these pieces, and you're not the leading man, you're usually going to get cast in the [villain's] role," said Voight. But he made no comment on which one of the Rider's many foes he may be.

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Comic fan Nic Cage has already signed on for the leading role. And Mark Steven Johnson will be writing and directing the movie, as he did for another recent comic book adaptation, Daredevil.

"The studio wants me to write my own version of Ghost Rider. I want to go back to the source material and use more of the comic. I'm just sitting down to write now. This project has been close to going before. Hopefully it's not cursed! I'm hoping that we could be shooting next winter," Johnson told Empire in an interview last month

Crystal Sky Communications, Marvel Entertainment and Sony's Columbia Pictures are co-producing the movie. Voight, a partner in Crystal Sky, says that his connection to the company lead to producers considering him for the role.