Last year, Universal Pictures celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Back to The Future with a number of different events, including a brief theatrical re-release, a new Blu-ray trilogy and much more. In conjunction with the huge event, Nike announced that the actual self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future Part II have finally become a reality, while Pepsi announced that fans can buy limited edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect from the sequel. While the 30th Anniversary festivities have come and gone, we have news from Click2Houston that the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) will actually start producing new cars that will be available for fans to buy sometime in 2017.

The DeLorean Motor Company was founded in 1975 by former General Motors executive John DeLorean, who was responsible for designing beloved cars such as the Pontiac Firebird and the Pontiac GTO. DMC only produced one vehicle, the DMC-12, and only 9,000 were manufactured before the company went bankrupt in 1982. 10 years after the release of Back to the Future in 1985, engineer Stephen Wynne started a separate company using the DeLorean Motor Company name, where he refurbished existing DeLorean's out of a 40,000 square foot location in Humble, Texas. In 1997, he purchased all of the remaining parts inventory along with the right to reproduce parts, and just a few months ago, Stephen Wynne settled a lawsuit with John DeLorean's widow, giving him the rights to use the DeLorean Motor Company name, logos and trademarks. Here's what Stephen Wynne had to say during an interview with Click2Houston.

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It's fantastic. It is a game-changer for us. We've been wanting this to happen. That was a green light to go back into production. That was prohibited. It was against the law to do it. It's huge for us. It means we're back as a car company again."

Stephen Wynne added that fans can buy refurbished models of the original DMC-12 for between $45,000 and $55,000, but he hopes to sell the new models in 2017 for just under $100,000. The price of the car will depend on what engine they decide to use, which hasn't been determined yet. He also added that there are no plans to change the iconic look of the DeLorean.

"There's no reason to change the appearance of the car. As we go into the program, we'll decide what areas need to be freshened up."

He added that the company will build replica 1982 DeLoreans under a low-volume manufacturing bill approved by the federal government. He estimates he has enough supplies in stock to build about 300 cars. He hopes to go from building one a month to one a week. You can also visit the DeLorean Motor Company Facebook page for more details on the company, which also has Bonita Springs, Florida; Crystal Lake, Illinois; Huntington Beach, California; Bellevue, Washington; and Hem, The Netherlands. Are you looking forward to the DeLorean making a comeback?