The next chapter in the Stargate enterprise is a direct-to-DVD movie which puts a tidy end to the Ori storyline of the last two years of the series. Stargate SG-1 was the longest running sci-fi series on TV but even after 10 years there is more to tell.

In this movie the SG-1 team searches for an ancient weapon to defeat the Ori once and for all. They discover it is in the Ori's home galaxy and take the Odyssey on the mission to find the The Ark of Truth, which, when opened, will make everyone see the truth that the Ori are not gods. With the Ori preparing to attack the Milky Way Galaxy, the SG-1 team has little time to find this ark.

And with the IOC (International Oversight Committee) sticking their nose into things, the Stargate team not only has their hands full searching for the ark, but hosting an agent who has other ideas about the mission - of course. Unbeknownst to the team, they not only have to deal with this intrusion, but the intrusion he brings with him. Oh no. Say it isn't so. Yes, the replicators are back!

Meanwhile, Tomin, a former Prior with the Ori, has seen the light and is now helping the SG-1 team. But Tomin is dealing with the fact that he was responsible for killing many innocent people in the name of the Ori. It is Teal'c who explains to him that he also has to live with the atrocities he committed when he was working for the Goul'd, and that will always be with him. The only way to set things right, or as right as it can be at this point, is to work to make other people's lives better. This is what Tomin is going to do too. They have similar pasts, and now they are on the same road, helping others and disavowing false gods.

While people not completely familiar with the Stargate SG-1 series might be confused with this movie, those loyal fans who stuck with the show for all 10 years will undoubtedly find this a rewarding ending to the Ori storyline.

The DVD contains some additional features, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show along with interviews with several of the cast and crew. There is also a panel press conference from Comicon, which is hysterical and also gives a little insight into the next film, Stargate: Continuum, which is due out later this year.