For two decades police hunted for the Green River Killer. One by one female prostitutes turned up dead, and many of them were dumped in or around the Green River in Washington. This first original miniseries on Lifetime Movie Network is the story of Detective Dave Reichert (Tom Cavanagh) as he never gives up through the years and dedicates himself to finding the man who committed the atrocities. Based on the book by now Congressman Reichert, this two-part story is intense and intriguing as the detective discounts many theories and follows his gut to ultimately put an end to the mystery that haunted the country and the state for twenty years. From 1982 to 1998, when he was ultimately apprehended, the killer admitted to murdering a total of 48 women in the Seattle area. There are several more unaccounted for, and this man is believed to be their murderer as well.

The first night focuses on the killings and the horror, as seen through the eyes a young girl named Helen, or "Hel" as she is called (played by Amy Davidson of the popular series 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter). Helen and her friend Natalie form a close bond, however even Natalie cannot save Helen from spiraling into a deep abyss of crime, drugs and prostitution.

The second night focuses on Helen's disappearance and Reichert's tenacity to find her as well as put an end to the mystery of who the killer is. The case puts added stress on his family and marriage, but he knows he will not rest until he has captured the killer, going so far as to interview notorious serial killer Ted Bundy for clues to the mind of a vicious serial killer.

"I am honored that my book and story are coming to the screen as Lifetime Movie Network's first original miniseries," says the real Reichert. "On behalf of all of the men and women in law enforcement that helped to put the Green River Killer behind bars - and in memory of all of the victims and families - I look forward to this moving film..." The Capture of the Green River Killer premieres Sunday March 30 and Part Two airs Monday March 31, both nights at 8 PM ET/PT on Lifetime Movie Network. It is an intriguing story that will touch viewers because it is true and because of the commitment and dedication of Detective Reichert to solve the case no matter what controversy he faces within the department and from the outside.