Right from the start of her career, Demi Moore has been as well known for her alluringly raspy voice as her stunning looks. That voice is now becoming its own star, thanks to a podcast series. Directed by Shana Feste, the podcast, called Dirty Diana and described as 'scripted erotica', features Moore in the lead role as a corporate executive navigating her sexless relationship and a side career as the host of a website dedicated to real women describing their sexual fantasies. In an interview, the actress spoke about the personal impact that working on the podcast has had on her.

"It's still in motion, but I think one of the great opportunities doing what we do is being able to use things to help push you beyond where you are resting. In this case, I realize there's a part for me that my sexuality has felt like it's a dangerous, and that I should just keep it under wraps. That I should keep it shut down, and it's better to just not negotiate or take it off the table. This has been an incredible opportunity of opening into areas that I'm not comfortable with. And that unto itself is already a gift."

Of course, with a series of this nature, the first thought that would occur to many people is to equate the podcast to adult entertainment. But for Moore, there is an important distinction between the piece of 'erotica' that is Dirty Diana and the more widespread genre of pornography.

"[Porn] feels very manufactured where erotica feels more authentic. Porn seems like it's like an external perspective, and erotica feels like it's an internal then is expressed outwardly."

While podcasts are finding increasing popularity, there are still fans who will want to see the series in live-action form. And that is an option that Moore believes will be explored further down the line.

"The great thing is right now also the demand for podcasts is so great. We're delivering something in a space that's really hungry for it. But it also gave us a place to explore at a lower risk, to kind of explore where we want to go and what to do with it. And in all honesty, to get feedback. So if it were to go to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, any of those, we'll already be a step ahead in terms of what we might want to do with it."

In terms of what people can discover about sexuality through the series, Moore believes Dirty Diana can help women embrace their sexuality without any feeling any socially-induced shame, and for men to learn to commit more to the idea of exploring their partner's bodies during sex in a mutually enjoyable manner.

New episodes of Dirty Diana, produced with media and podcast company startup QCode, are released every Monday through Aug. 17 and available on Apple Podcasts and most major podcast platforms. This story originated at Variety.