Demi Moore is off to indie land, booking starring roles back-to-back in independent films. One is a family drama, and the other a martial arts movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moore joins indie queen Parker Posey in Happy Tears from filmmaker Mitchell Lichtenstein (Teeth). Next up, she will team with Woody Harrelson for Bunraku from Snoot Entertainment.

Happy Tears, which Lichtenstein wrote and is directing, follows a woman (Posey), prone to self-aggrandizement, who returns to her Wisconsin home and must deal with her bitter sister and her father, who suffers from a rare form of dementia. Moore plays the sister, fed up with dealing with the hateful father.

Bunraku, written and directed by Guy Moshe, follows a man (Josh Hartnett) on a revenge quest who finds himself in an even bigger fight than he bargained for.

The film is set in an original universe and draws from a mixed bag of genres, including puppets, origami, comic books, video games and German expressionism.

Moore plays the enslaved concubine of a warlord who is forced to marry her captor. Harrelson plays a bartender.

Happy Tears begins filming this month.