The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived as action movie icon Sylvester Stallone confirms that a sequel to 1993's seminal Demolition Man is now in the works over at Warner Bros. He recently dropped the Demolition Man 2 news during a Q&A on Instagram.

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In a recent Q&A on social media, Sylvester Stallone revealed that a long-awaited sequel to Demolition Man is on its way, as he responded to a fan who asked whether there would be a follow-up to the Marco Brambilla-helmed sci-fi actioner. Though no doubt that the fan, and those fans watching, did not expect the joyful answer that followed. After all these years a sequel is finally happening, with the Rocky and Rambo star admitting that Demolition Man 2 is already being worked on.

"I think it is coming. We're working on it right now with Warner Brothers and it's looking fantastic, so that should come out. That's going to happen."

Stallone's use of flakey words such as "think" and "should" are somewhat disheartening, but for now please disregard them, and imagine a world in which we have not one, but two Demolition Man movies. Such bliss.

The plot of Demolition Man begins in 1996, with Los Angeles in a violence-crazed conflagration. One of the LAPD's most notorious cops John Spartan, played by Sylvester Stallone, known as "the Demolition Man," is in hot pursuit of blonde-haired psychopath Simon Phoenix, played with scenery-chewing delight by Wesley Snipes, a criminal so merciless that he needs to excuse to murder-death-kill.

Spartan captures Simon, but not before Simon kills innocent hostages, leaving the Spartan to take the blame for their deaths. Both he and Simon are cryogenically frozen to remove their brand of ultra-violence from a society that is simply just too violent. The movie then shifts to the future world of 2032, where Los Angeles has become a megalopolis called San Angeles.

There is no poverty, Arnold Schwarzenegger was president of the United States, and Taco Bell is the sole survivor of the Franchise Wars. Into this peaceful and bland society, Simon is summarily defrosted by reigning benevolent dictator Dr. Cocteau in order to carry out an assassination on a man named Edgar Friendly, played by Denis Leary, the leader of a group of underground rebels.

As was to be expected, Cocteau bites off more than he can chew when the melted-down Simon proceeds to go on a murder-and-looting spree. Reluctantly, Cocteau defrosts John to hunt down his old adversary. As John adjusts to self-driving cars and having sex wearing helmets, he pairs up with Lenina Huxley, played by Sandra Bullock, a bored cop with a nostalgic fascination for 20th-century culture.

Demolition Man has gained something of a cult following over the years, and has been the subject of much discussion recently thanks to the similarities between the social practices of 2032's San Angeles, and the way the real world has been dealing with current global circumstances.

There is no telling how much work has been done on Demolition Man 2: Rise of the Phoenix, but considering Hollywood is all but shut down at the moment, one can presume that it is in the very, very early stages. Still, today is a great day, as Demolition Man 2: This Is Spartan has just edged ever closer to reality. This comes to us from Sylvester Stallone's official Instagram account.