If you have been watching HBO’s new Louisiana-based vampire drama True Blood, you already know that vampires are susceptible to a rare blood virus know as Hep D. But after watching last night’s episode, fans are asking if vampires are susceptible to Dengue Fever as well.

Last evening’s fourth episode of True Blood was titled Escape from Dragon House after Cambodian rock band Dengue Fever’s 2005 sophomore release, which was released last week on limited edition colored vinyl for the first time ever. Evidently the creators behind the new show are fans of the band's unique sound. In fact, the title track from the album was also used in a key scene in last night’s episode.

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In the scene, Sookie (Anna Paquin) and her vampire love interest Bill (Stephen Moyer) are driving with the Dengue Fever track “Escape From Dragon House” playing on the radio. Sookie is over-excited from escaping vampire bar Fangtasia after a police raid and turns down the volume on the radio because the song is distracting her. She asks Bill what language they band is singing in. Dengue Fever’s lead singer Chhom Nimol sings in her native Cambodian language Khmer and, more recently, English as well.

Click below for the five-minute clip of the episode, which feature's "Escape From Dragon House" at the beginning of the video.

This is not the first time the Dengue Fever’s music has appeared on television or film. Popular television shows such as Saturday Night Live and Weeds have used the bands music as well as major motion pictures such as Broken Flowers, Must Love Dogs, City of Ghosts and others have all licensed the bands music as well. In March 2009, the band's documentary Sleepwalking Through the Mekong (MySpace.com/SleepwalkingMekong) about their first trip to Cambodia to play "Khmer Rock" will be released as a DVD with a bonus CD soundtrack.

Recently Dengue Fever announced a West Coast tour beginning October 17 at Bimbo’s 360 in San Francisco that will take them to Napa, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver and San Diego. A full British tour is confirmed to begin November with one-off dates in Dublin, Ireland and Istanbul, Turkey. For more details, please see the band's MySpace page (MySpace.com/DengueFeverMusic).