Final Confession: Legendary actor Robert DeNiro looks to be teaming up with the Men of Honor team again. Writer Scott Marshall Smith and Director George Tillman, Jr. are set to adapt the book Final Confession for the big screen. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the subject matter Final Confession is the true story of legendary Boston area thief Phil Cresta. The original script was drafted by Basketball Diaries scribe Bryan Goluboff.

Spider-Man 2: Well it looks like we might be waiting a bit for this one folks. In several publications this week Sam Raimi has said that he is well behind on the preproduction work. By now there should at least be a story treatment completed but alas there is not. Another interesting tidbit is that Raimi wants to use a villain in the next film that does not wear a mask. He was quoted as saying, ""if I can not see their faces or their eyes, it doesn't work for me". Looks like Doc Ock would work out nicely in that regard!

Hellraiser: Hellseeker: Well those of you Hellraiser fans out there rejoice! Here we have a very cool picture and description of new "Cenobites" from the upcoming installment from the franchise.

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Harry Potter 2: Wow! It has been an excellent week for Harry Potter news! The latest in what seems like a tidal wave of info for the new film are nine still from the upcoming theatrical trailer!

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