Casting is still underway for George Miller's Justice League of America, and we can now add one more actor to the list of those coveting roles in the superhero epic. In an interview with, Derek Luke (Lions for Lambs) expressed his interest in the role.

With casting getting under way for the Justice League of America film and the role of Green Lantern (John Stewart) being a Black character, why haven't you taken a crack at it?

Derek Luke: You know what? That's one of my favorite characters.

Really? Why so?

Derek Luke: Because one, he's a black superhero and loved by many. It's funny. This past weekend, in Lucca, Tuscany (Italy), there was a comic convention and there were all these comics and there was a booth specifically set up for Green Lantern, and I found out about the Green Lantern because there was a guy who's a fan and set up a web page and took some of my movies and made a trailer of the Green Lantern. I was so impressed. I use a term 'Baby Jump' and this is like my dreamjump. It was so exciting.

If given the opportunity to play the role in a film like Justice League of America, would you do it?

Derek Luke: I would jump with his powers right on it.

Other actors whose names have been mentioned as possible candidates for the role of Green Lantern include Tyrese Gibson (Transformers). Justice League of America is currently slated for a 2010 release.