Desmond Amofah's body has been found dead after the 29 year-old went missing last week. Best known as Etika, Amofah was a popular presence on Youtube and known in gaming circles for his Nintendo themed videos. The New York Police Department confirmed today that they had found Desmond's body after the man had gone missing last week.

The NYPD had been searching for Desmond Amofah for several days. He disappeared after posting a Youtube video in which he discussed suicidal thoughts. Amofah was officially declared missing on June 20, which was 36 hours after he posted the 8 minute video on his second Youtube channel TR1Iceman. Youtube had removed the video in question because it violated the company's guidelines.

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Fans of Etika have since reuploaded a version of the video. Police report that they found the Youtuber's belongs on the Manhattan Bridge this past Saturday night. His body wasn't recovered until several days later. Some fans had been worried about Etika's mental state prior to his disappearance. He had exhibited erratic behavior over the course of the past 10 months, and he even uploaded Pornography onto his first Youtube channel, which was in clear violation of their stated guidelines.

When his channel was deactivated after the pornography incident, Desmond Amofah had posted a message that it was 'time to die'. In April, the Youtuber live streamed a standoff with the NYPD. The incident stemmed from a series of seemingly erratic Tweets which included an image of the man holding a gun. At the time, The police rerouted that Amofah was threatening suicide inside his apartment.

Etika has a history of mental health issues and has spent time in the Brooklyn hospital. This past May, Desmond Amofah had assaulted a local police officer and was taken back to the hospital. This according to fellow streamer and his ex-girlfriend Alice Pika. Since the man went missing, several of his fans, friends and family tried to reach out to him privately. Some fans even left testimonials on Youtube and Twitter, discussing how important Etika has been to the gaming community throughout the years, and how he has served as a motivational presence.

Members of the Youtube gaming community are asking that Youtube reinstate Amofah's final video with the suggestion that it be shown with suicide helpline numbers. Youtube hasn't made a decision what they will do with the man's second Youtube channel. But the Youtube Creators team did tweet out a condolence for Etika and his family. This news comes from The Verge.

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