This past weekend's box office winner has seemingly spawned not only a sequel to the popular film but a spin-off featuring its pint-sized characters as well. Deadline New York is reporting that Universal is committing to a Despicable Me sequel as well as a spin-off featuring the popular Minions characters.

The site is reporting that the studio is already in negotiations with Despicable Me screenwriters Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio and producer Christopher Meledandri for the sequel.

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It was also said that they are developing two short film based off the Minions from the first Despicable Me film. It wasn't quite clear if the films will be shown before the sequel or any future Illumination Animation film - which is Christopher Meledandri's company that produced the film - or if they will try another method to reach an audience with these shorts.

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further details on a Despicable Me sequel or these Minions spin-off short films as soon as we have more information.