The Chronicles Of Riddick: A reader over at VinXperience has claimed to have read the script for the upcoming Pitch Black sequel in which many possible spoilers are revealed. below is an excerpt...

"'Chronicles' is a movie that combines the elements of a sequel and a prequel. The movie is set 5 years after the events of Pitch Black and starts as Riddick is hiding away from mercs on distant planets. He is constantly haunted by visions of his past, his warrior times, the murder, his abandonment, events that happened to him. He decides to go back to the planet where he was sentenced. RELATED: Chronicles of Riddick 4 Script Comes in Next Week Teases Vin Diesel

There's talk of the second coming of God, that He has shun the earth for centuries and He has blessed the planet there. More flashbacks of the loves he used to have, and people he once knew, they are forcing people to convert to a different belief in life. It's a bit like Memento or Kill Bill, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. This movie is a story about the rise of a society he left behind.

Riddick is some kind of psychopath. He killed his uncle for killing his beloved mother and wife and family. He was imprisoned for that crime, and now he blames God for that. Remaining relatives said his murdered family had abandoned him, but they were actually killed for money to build the higher order of Necromonger society. It's such a good background story it will trip you out.

Lord Marshal doesn't know that Riddick has returned. He believes that he died on that planet.. Riddick's family was killed too while holding those beliefs. He has lost all of his faith. So he and a few others lead a rebellion against the rise of the new society. Riddick plays a big part in the religion. He feels that is something he must do because of dreams he has been having while sleeping with his eyes open.

The other survivors of the first movie have important parts as well. Imam aids Riddick in the fight. His relationship with Kyra seems like a friendship but at the same time they make you wonder what time is it down there. Also this movie has a lot of gunplay, a lot of action-oriented stunts, a lot of unbelievable stuff, like in the movie Equilibrium. Bottom line is the TCoR script lives up the expectations, and has a better story than the Matrix".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the heads up.