Alien Quadrilogy: Thanks to DVD Answers, tons of new details on the special features which will be included in the new Aliens DVD Box Set have been unveiled. Take a look!


* Bob Burns Alien Collection (16m 52s)

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* Ridley Scott Q&A (15m 38s)

* Interviews With Ridley Scott (8m 18s)

* Alien Theatrical Trailer A (1m 07s)

* The Director's Cut Film Trailer

* Production and Outtake Footage (20m 59s)

* Experience In Terror: Promo Featurette '79 (7m 8s)

* Alien TV Spots (37s)


* Building Better Worlds: From Concept To Construction Featurette (13m 28s)

* The Final Countdown: Music, Editing And Sound Featurette (15m 30s)

* Aliens Unleashed: Reaction To The Film Featurette (11m 38s)

* Beauty And The Bitch: Power Loader VS Queen Alien Featurette (22m 25s)

* This Time It's War: Pinewood Studios (1985 Featurette) (19m 39s)

* The Power Of Real Tech: Visual Effects Featurette (27m 49s)

* Bug Hunt: Creature Design (16m 23s)

* The Risk Always Lives: Weapons And Action Featurette (15m 12s)

* Preparing For Battle: Casting and Characterization Featurette (16m 59s)

* 57 Years Later: Continuing the Story Featurette (10m 59s)

* Two Orphans: Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn Featurette (13m 47s)

* Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics With Commentary (3m 12s)

* Multi-Angle Pre-Vis Animatics Without Commentary (3m 14s)

* Interview With James Cameron (9m 29s)

* James Cameron Interview/Film Footage (3m 13s)

* James Cameron Intro to Extended Version (31s)

* Production Footage (8m 9s)

* Aliens International Trailer (29s)

* Aliens Domestic Trailer (32s)

* Aliens TV Spots (29s)

* Easteregg: The Boy And His Power Loader (9m 35s)

Alien 3:

* Alien 3 Advance Featurette (2m 47)

* The Making Of Alien 3 (22m 25s)

* Alien 3 Trailer A (1m 00s)

* Alien 3 Trailer B (1m 07s)

* Alien 3 Trailer C (1m 01s)

* Alien 3 Trailer D (31s)

* Alien 3 Trailer E (1m 06s)

* Alien 3 TV Spots (2m 41s)

Alien Resurrection

* The Making Of Alien Resurrection (25m 42s)

* Theatrical Trailer (2m 19s)

* TV Spots (1m 41s)

Bonus Disc:

* Alien Evolution BBC Documentary (75m)

* The Alien Legacy Documentary (66m 51s)

* Alien Quadrilogy Trailer (1m 05s)

* Alien Legacy Trailer (1m 05s)

Stay tuned for more details...