The Detective Pikachu early reactions are in. Interest in the movie has grown quite a bit after the first trailer was released. Before that, Pokémon fans and the general public weren't exactly sure of what to make of the movie with Ryan Reynolds providing the voice for the little yellow thunder rodent. Fans of the franchise and non-fans were surprised to see Reynolds bringing his snark to the lovable little character and now there's a lot of people who want to see the movie all of a sudden. With these positive early reactions, more people will probably end up in theaters on opening weekend next month.

The early Detective Pikachu reactions are here and they're positive. It has been called "pure joy" and one person even deemed it to be "the best video game movie ever made." All of the trailers for the movie have been doing a good job of preparing people for what kind of adventure they'll embark on, but it appears they haven't even done the movie justice. There are often complaints about the best scenes being shown in all of the trailers and that isn't a problem with Detective Pikachu.

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As for OG Pokémon fans who were maybe a little unsure of the Detective Pikachu promotional material, there are a ton of shout outs to some pretty obscure bits of hardcore fandom. There are even some tender moments, which may have induced a few tears in these early screenings, so consider yourself warned about that. You might want to smuggle in some tissue from all of the laughing and some possible crying going on.

One early viewer boldly claims Detective Pikachu is "sure to spin off into one hell of a franchise." The franchise has been talked about quite a bit lately, and it looks like those talks are really just beginning. The world of Pokémon is absolutely massive, so one can easily see a franchise blowing up, especially if Detective Pikachu ends up crushing it at the box office. As of right now, the May 10th release date doesn't show any real contenders for a battle, except for the mighty Avengers: Endgame, which hits theaters this week, so the hype will probably have died down by then to give the Pokémon movie a number one debut.

Detective Pikachu also contains a number of surprises, which obviously cannot be discussed here. With so many positive early reactions, it looks like Pokémon fans and non-fans are all going to enjoy the upcoming movie. Hopefully Warner Bros. will continue their entertaining promotional campaign for the movie as the release date gets closer. We know Ryan Reynolds will definitely have some things to say before the movie hits theaters. While we wait, you can check out some SPOILER-FREE early Detective Pikachu reactions below.