Ryan Reynolds admits he attempted to bring a new voice to Detective Pikachu. However, the studio was not into his idea in the slightest. They just wanted the popular Reynolds voice, aka Wade Wilson and Deadpool. On paper, the idea seems more than a little bit weird, but the trailers have proven to be a hit with just about everybody, not just fans of Pokémon who were going to see the movie no matter who was going to be voicing the iconic character.

Detective Pikachu was described to Ryan Reynolds like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit had a baby with Blade Runner," which started to give the actor all kinds of ideas about where to take the voice of Pikachu. He wanted to go with an old school "film noir" voice, channeling a detective with a heavy Brooklyn accent, but the studio had other plans. He says, "Or maybe just do Ryan Reynolds... Maybe shut up and do the other thing." Many were wondering how Reynolds settled on the voice, and now we know. Mystery solved.

To promote Detective Pikachu early on, Ryan Reynolds made a fake Inside the Actors Studio where he pretended to be a method actor taking on the role of the world famous Pokemon. He neglects his family and crawls on the ground to further exaggerate his point and it's pretty funny. However, while doing press in China, many believed Reynolds' use of sarcasm was real, so he had some extra explaining to do when recently doing press overseas for a culture that did not pick up on his dry sarcasm.

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Detective Pikachu cinematographer John Mathieson recently revealed the movie was shot on film to try and achieve a warmer look when mixed with the computer animation, which lends itself to the Who Framed Roger Rabbit comparison Ryan Reynolds was referring to. Mathieson also threw some pretty heavy shade on Sonic the Hedgehog and the look of the upcoming movie, noting he was really happy he turned down the opportunity to work on the movie. Sonic director Jeff Fowler just announced they are going back to the drawing board with their design of the character after hearing fans complain about the initial design.

Ryan Reynolds is bringing Detective Pikachu into theaters next week, where it should be able to wrestle the number one spot from Avengers: Endgame. The Pokémon franchise is huge and the early reviews for Pikachu have all been positive, going on to break the video game movie curse, which is already a feat worth celebrating for the cast and crew. If all goes well at the box office, this will be the first of many coming down the line for the wildly successful franchise. Seeing the characters come to life and interact with the real-world is already proving to be a hit. You can watch Ryan Reynolds discuss his Detective Pikachu voice below, thanks to the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick