Detective Pikachu will mark the first live-action Pokemon adventure for the franchise, and it's coming later this year. So far, we've seen one trailer loaded with action and characters. Today, we get a new sneak peek at this anticipated 2019 release. And as exciting as it all is, we also get introduced to a fan favorite.

Making his live-action debut in this latest footage is Snubbull. Most of the TV spot is given over to scenes seen in the original Detective Pikachu teaser. But we get a disgusting joke at the end, which arrives silent and deadly, if you get the whiff. Let's just say that coffee doesn't treat some Pokemon as well as others.

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Ryan Reynolds voices Pikachu, giving the creature substantial dialogue for the first time in the franchise. Though, only Justice Smith can hear him, everyone else can only hear, 'Pika-Pika!' That idea is driven home with a sledgehammer in this new TV spot.

Rob Letterman directs Detective Pikachu, which is set to launch a live-action franchise. Up next will reportedly be Pokemon Red and Blue, which is said to be in the planning stages. But Detective Pikachu will have to be a big hit at the box office for more movies to move forward in the franchise.

Also starring in Detective Pikachu are Suki Waterhouse, Kathryn Newton, Bill Nighy, Rita Ora, and Karan Soni, who all have substantial roles to take on. The story will follow Justice Smith as Tim Goodman, who is forced to unravel the mystery behind his missing father. Pikachu will help him on the case.

This latest thirty second teaser debuted last night during the big NFC Championship game. Like the first trailer, we get to see quite a few of the Pokemon that inhabit this world. Though, Snubball was left out of the big debut. We also get to see Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshida, who isn't a fan of the dog-like Pokemon.

Some fans have already started to complain about Snubull's size in the movie. According to official lore, he stands at about 2 feet, but that's clearly not the case here. Some other Pokemon sizes have also been called into question, along with their new real world looks. Some fans didn't take too kindly to Jigglypuff's fur-covered body and hairdo. But these changes should have been expected when going from anime to live-action.

Also coming into play during this first footage is more of Psyduck, Charizard and Mr. Mime. Ryan Reynolds gets to continue zipping one-liners at the screen Deadpool style, which some fans are already finding a little grating for Pikachu. Though others are exciting to see this screen combo. Everything ends with a fart joke, so you know exactly what kind of movie you're going to get with Detective Pikachu. The first ever live-action Pokemon movie arrives on the big screen this spring. This comes from the Detective Pikachu Instagram.

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