A new Detective Pikachu trailer has been announced in a hilarious video from Ryan Reynolds. The actor took some time out of his day to craft Outside the Actors Studio, which features the actor detailing his preparation process for the upcoming Pokémon movie. As it turns out, working on the movie was a pretty taxing process for the actor. With that being said, from the first trailer, it looks like all of that hard work and preparation paid off pretty well.

It should be obvious right from the start that Ryan Reynolds' Outside the Actors Studio is a joke full of sarcasm and parody. Ryan Reynolds talks about leaving his kids at school when he found out he got the role, ignoring his wife, and deciding to go the method acting route. Detective Pikachu doesn't have children, so neither does Reynolds and the same goes for his wife. Reynolds' wife in real-life, Blake Lively, also stars in the video, often rolling her eyes at the "lengths" that Reynolds went to nail the part of Pikachu.

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The rest of the video is dedicated to Ryan Reynolds explaining his research for the Detective Pikachu role, which included studying some Pokémon books and looking lovingly at a Poke Ball. Reynolds has a magnifying glass because all good detectives obviously need one. The actor also claims that he tried to lose 180 lbs. to get to Pikachu weight and spent a lot of time on the ground to get used to being so small. Like most things that Reynolds does, this is full of humor and even slightly pokes some fun at the Pokémon franchise in the process, which is a bit surprising, but it's all done in good fun and it's the perfect way to announce that a new trailer is on the way.

The Pokémon franchise is absolutely massive, so there is a lot of interest in Detective Pikachu, especially since the first Pokemon live-action trailer revealed so many of the monsters that fans weren't expecting. The franchise has sold over 300 million video games, 74 billion trading cards worldwide, and has an incredibly popular TV series that spans 20 seasons. Plus, Ryan Reynolds is a huge actor and has fans that aren't even interested in what a Charmander, Psyduck, or Bulbasaur is and will more than likely go see Detective Pikachu anyway.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10th, which should be far away enough from the release of Avengers: Endgame to land the number one spot at the box office. Regardless, this is Pokémon that we're talking about here, so the movie has the potential to be pretty huge and may even start a whole new Pokémon Cinematic Universe, which would more than likely make a lot fans pretty happy. While we wait to see how well the movie does in theaters, you can check out the new Detective Pikachu trailer teaser below, thanks to Ryan Reynolds' Twitter account. As for when the trailer will drop, it will probably be released early tomorrow (February 26th) morning.