A theater expecting to see Detective Pikachu were sadly mistaken (and terrified) when The Curse of La Llorona played instead. Not only that, but the trailers playing ahead of the movie were all terrifying too, which ended up scaring some children and making them cry. This happens quite frequently in movie theaters, but we only hear about it when a theater really messes up like this, traumatizing children and their families.

The theater in question is located in Montreal, Quebec and things reportedly started off normal until the lights went down and a trailer for Annabelle Comes Home popped up on the screen. A supernatural thriller could play before Detective Pikachu, but it probably shouldn't. Next up was the trailer for Todd Phillips' Joker, which could also possibly play in front of an all ages audience, though it is pretty dark and twisted. It's at this time that some parents may have started to question what was happening in the theater.

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Finally, the Child's Play remake trailer came on, which is when the kids in the theater really started to lose it. A little creepy murderous doll on the loose is what it took to bring the tears amongst the children in the audience, who were there to see the adorable little Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds offering up some sanitized jokes. However, that was nothing compared to when Curse of La Llorona started playing. The horror movie begins with a woman drowning her daughter. At this point, the movie theater finally figured out what was going on and stopped the movie to have the moviegoers switched to another theater.

This means a whole theater expecting to see Curse of La Llorona were mistakenly shown the trailers ahead of Detective Pikachu. The opposite experience is nowhere near as traumatizing as it was for the other theater. Overall, it sounds like it was a pretty eventful evening in the Canadian movie theater full of people who will probably never forget what they saw on the big screen when all they wanted to see was a little thunder rat and the rest of his cute monster friends.

While this was a mistake (or was it?), it probably really did scar some younger Pokémon fans for life. There are a lot of people, including adults, who do not like horror movies and some who are genuinely scared of them. So imagine what this must have done for some kids. Hopefully it's all something that was solved with some free movie tickets and popcorn as Detective Pikachu started from the beginning for the new theater. Regardless, one would have to assume some more training will be coming to that specific theater. Warner Bros. was hoping for Detective Pikachu to take down the mighty Avengers: Endgame at the box office, but sadly, that isn't happening as the Marvel Studios movie continues to dominate.