Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo attains a level of crudeness and perversity rarely seen in modern studio films. It is an unrelenting stream of infantile humor that’s bound to offend some and delight others. Count me in to the latter category. I thought this film was downright hilarious. It’s incredibly stupid, there’s no denying that. But you have to have a good idea of what you’re getting into when seeing a film called “Deuce Bigalow”. It’s lowbrow comedy and revels in it all the way; making fun of everyone from porn star midgets to blind senior citizens.

Rob Schneider reprises his role as the good-hearted fish lover turned male prostitute (or man-whore, as the film refers to them). His wife was eaten by sharks and he’s spent a lonely four years devising methods of communicating with whales. After an unfortunate sonar accident, Deuce heads off to Amsterdam to link up with his best friend and former man-pimp, T.J. Hicks (Eddie Griffin). It seems that a killer has been knocking off famous man-whores. T.J., through a series of unfortunate and stomach-churning coincidences, has become the police’s prime suspect. He and Deuce team up to find the real killer, while trying to gain the respect of the local he-bitches in the man-whore union.

The film is essentially a bunch of skits loosely tied to the plot. Not much thought was given to story development, but that should not be unexpected. The original film was very similar in its set-up. They both rely on the jokes to keep the film moving; which works if you find this sort of humor entertaining. Rob Schneider is fairy likable as Deuce and has good comic timing with Eddie Griffin. They both look pretty goofy and get some cheap laughs that way.

It’s important to note that certain stereotypes are constantly made fun of during the film. The jokes are not mean-spirited, but racially sensitive people should steer clear. This is the kind of movie where you leave all sophistication at the door and allow yourself to be inundated by stupidity. It’s brainless entertainment, but somewhat admirably in its all-out offensiveness.

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