The Devil Baby is loose and scaring New York City residents. Warning, this video will haunt your dreams! The hilarious prank was pulled as part of the viral marketing campaign for the upcoming found footage horror thriller Devil's Due, which is in theaters this Friday. Watch as concerned citizens approach the crying infant, who has been seemingly stranded, only to have it rage forth with projectile vomit and a one-finger salute for the police. Warning: The Devil Baby may give you nightmares...

The remote-controlled Devil Baby was pushed through crowded streets and traffic in his stroller this past week, giving NYC residents quite a good scare, and all of us a good laugh. The blood-curdling screams are meant to usher in the upcoming horror thriller Devil's Due, which tracks a young married couple through their first pregnancy, after the woman gets knocked up on one mysterious missing night from their honeymoon that neither of them can remember.

These types of viral videos have become popular over the last few years. You may remember the one that was pulled in honor of the Carrie remake, where coffee shop costumers were confronted by a telekinetic teenager. If you need more pranks in your life and you haven't seen it: /watch-as-carrie-viral-prank-goes-horribly-wrong/CLICK HERE

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange