Devon Aoki has joined Thomas Jane and John Malkovich in Simon Hunter's sci-fi action thriller The Mutant Chronicles, based on the popular role-playing game.

According to Production Weekly, Aoki will play Duval, a sexy, scarred and fearless fighter with a wild streak who puts her duties as a soldier ahead of her role as the mother of two small children.

Malkovich's character Constantine heads a United Nations-style council of four corporation-run countries that have pillaged Earth's natural resources. When a marauding army of "NecroMutants" wages a battle against humans for the little that remains, Constantine is tempted to destroy the planet and evacuate some of its people rather than allow it to be overtaken, all with the corporations' best interests in mind. Jane plays Lieutenant Mitch Hunter, a 23rd century Marine who leads the humans in their fight and becomes Constantine's antagonist. Stephen Rea plays the former commander of Hunter. Ron Perlman portrays the leader of a religious sect who thinks he can destroy the mutants and save the planet, recruiting Hunter to join him. Benno Furmann portrays Hunter's former nemesis who joins him to fight for the greater good, and Malkovich appears as the head of a council of corporations that rule the Earth.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting in early summer in London and on the Isle of Man.