The actress discusses aging, her family, and her career

Diane Keaton is an Academy Award-winning actress who has been acting in films over 30 years. When she comes into the interview she is dressed all in white, with a white t-shirt, white slacks, and a white jacket, looking quite sophisticated and every bit a class act.

Although Ms. Keaton is firmly ensconced in her 60s, she has not cut back on her career. As she says, she is lucky to still be getting offered roles when many other good actresses in her age group are basically ignored. She says, "My feeling about everything is I'm just glad I'm working. I'm just a working woman. Show me a script and if I'm available I'll do it. Quite frankly, I'm lucky to be working at all. Don't you think so? I mean how many women that are my age are working?"

When asked how she felt last year when she turned 60, she says, "That's so interesting. My dad died when he was 68 so to turn 60 is like, 'oh, I'm 60.' You really are older. You're very definitely reaching a new phase in your life. I really am happy I'm around, number one. I love being alive and moderately healthy. You just go, 'OK. All right. Moving on.' I mean, what can I do? I'm not gonna get depressed about it 'cause I'm sort of amazed by how life has changed so much. I'm not really who I thought I would be, and the process of living is much more of a mystery than I ever imagined and also much more compelling as you go along, and it's just...the more you know, the less you know. And the less you know the more amazed you are by life." This woman has a great outlook on life. "I really accomplished what I wanted in my dream life, which was to be an actress in the movies. I got to do that. But once you do that and get older everything changes and life is so much more interesting than what I ever imagined it would be."

She has never been married however Keaton adopted a baby girl in 1996 and a baby boy in 2001. If you haven't noticed, adoption is big in the Hollywood community. The day I interviewed her was her 61st birthday, which she celebrated earlier with her family. "I had a lot of fun this morning with my kids," she said. Her daughter made her a pearl bracelet for the occasion, which the proud mom showed off with delight. "Isn't it cool?"

She loves discussing her kids. "My daughter is 11 now so I'm probably watching her enter into that phase of being a 'tween' - (actually) she's already a 'tween' - and that's fantastically amazing to watch. When you were going through it yourself you didn't really picture what it was like to look at a girl grow into womanhood. It's astonishing. I love it. I feel so sad about the fact that she's growing up but amazed by it and touched by it."

Ms. Keaton confided that raising her son is a completely different experience than raising her daughter. "They are two very different animals - males and females. So it would be different, just like it would be different for every person." She smiles and exclaims, "It's wild," and admits she loves it all and is thrilled with the experience of motherhood. This Academy Award-winning actress is excited about both her career and being a parent. About still being offered great parts she says she is "really lucky." But when talking about raising a child, she says that experience is a "privilege."

Although she says she doesn't have a favorite film from her repertoire, what she remembers most are the relationships she forms while making the movies. "I always remember with great fondness any movie that did well and any movie [in which] I experienced the forming of a new friendship. I did a very bad movie called Harry and Walter Go to New York (1976) but you know something, I made two of my dearest friends in my whole life on that movie and they're still my friends."

In her latest film, Because I Said So, Diane Keaton plays the quintessential overprotective and overpowering mother whose love for her daughters is over-the-top. In reality Diane Keaton is not like her onscreen character at all. "I don't see myself like the mother in this or in Family Stone,'" her last film.

Diane Keaton has another film, Mama's Boy due out later this year, and is currently working on her next production. Because I Said So opens February 2.