Looking for a man that Must Love Dogs

Diane Lane is one of Hollywood's most glamourous actresses, so you wouldn't think she'd need help to find a man. But in her latest movie Must Love Dogs, her family helps her to find a new man in her life. Well, of course, in real life she's married to Josh Brolin.

Her sister, played by Elizabeth Perkins puts her ad on a dating website to fix her up. A little problem ensues when the men she meets aren't up to her expectations - that is until she finds John Cusack. Another dilemma is she's also falling in love with Dermot Mulroney, who plays one of her student's fathers.

Gosh, what a quandary - John Cusack or Dermot Mulroney?

Who does she pick? Well, you'll just have to watch the movie to find that out. But you can find out what the real Diane looks for in love.

Check out our interview with the actress:

You played a character similar in Under the Tuscan Sun, a recently divorced woman. Do you have a real empathy for people like that?

Diane Lane: Honestly, I think it was the best role around I could get. I was very grateful for the work and I don't write them, but it was the same kind of thing happened as the philandering wife in A Walk on the Moon and Unfaithful – it must come in two's. I see the similarity, for sure, in the premise, but they both have different stories.

What is your experience with online dating?

Diane Lane: None; it scares me, but at this point I think I would do it if I were without child and if I had the time. It seems smart and you can eliminate and you can avoid regrets and mistakes. I would not be a good candidate.

What would you veto right away?

Diane Lane: I don't think I'd be into tongue piercings, people with horn implants. But it would make for good comedy if you didn't veto those things. Obviously my character in this movie only talked about herself and didn't have a filter on the gentlemen who came across her path.

Have you ever taken your dog to the dog park?

Diane Lane: I haven't, he's kind of sheltered at home. We've got lots of land, the kids pretend they're dogs, so they have a lot of action. He did have some socialization at this playtime for puppies, but he's only five months old.

How much influence do you on bringing in a co-star like John Cusack?

Diane Lane: That was sort of like an answer to a prayer because John brought so much to it, that's what the script deserved. He brought reams of pages of dialogue that was better suited for him and his character and this movie; he wanted to help and bring all himself and I'm so grateful he did because he just brought so much more. There's a whole group of women who follow John, the fact that we've never worked together was like we saved this treat for later in the game so I was glad that he came on board and brought everything he did to it. I don't remember a point where I had any say, I just remember him saying ‘Pretty please,' so that was nice, that was amazing.

What do you say to your daughter about the state of marriage, from your own experiences to how it is in America?

Diane Lane: Well, I think she's just witnessing it; after my daughter was ten years old, she was able to see the work that goes in to it. You must earn someone's respect and it's through the communications skills and through practice.

A lot of this film is about a close family atmosphere; did any of that strike you when you read the script?

Diane Lane: Well, I've always been a daddy's girl and that's served me well in life; most of my directors have been male. I take direction well, but I like the father-daughter element in there; and I also like the parallel of being mortified that your parents are dating. Whatever age you are you have a fear of any kind of relationship that your parents are having.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done for love?

Diane Lane: I'd say jumping into freezing cold water. Bridal Vail Falls in Yosemite - if you climb it, there's a pool half way up, that water is so cold, and I got in and I'm proud of it and I did it! The girls were already in and Josh [Brolin] was standing there like ‘you're not going to chicken out now, you just climbed this hill.' I don't do well with cold water.

How hard is it to find a good romantic comedy that grabs you?

Diane Lane: Gary [David Goldberg]'s help that I could do it helped; he wrote it. It was sort of the way that Audrey Wells wrote Under the Tuscan Sun and the fact that this person who wrote it is also directing you – it takes a lot of the guess work out. Cause I like to please my directors, I like to give them what they had in mind and it's even more fun when they're not sure what they want cause you're having a lot of creative time by process of elimination you're making them happy. But he knew exactly what he wanted and I figured I'd take a chance and this is going to work; at least I know I'm working with someone who's a really good match for the material.

Must Love Dogs has an all star cast with Christopher Plummer and Stockard Channing, along with the aforementioned John Cusack, Dermot Muroney, and Elizabeth Perkins. The film opens July 29th; it's rated 'PG-13.'