Earlier this month, actress Diane Lane became the latest cast member to join Zack Snyder's Superman, playing the Man of Steel's adoptive mother, Martha Kent. The actress spoke out for the first time about landing the role, saying she recently watched Watchmen, "to remind myself of what an audacious, brilliant man Zack Snyder is."

Here's what else she had to say.

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"I love 300 and I'm very flattered to play Martha Kent and live up to his vision. It's pretty cool."

She also talked about honing her motherly skills to play Martha Kent alongside 27-year-old Henry Cavill.

"I've always wanted to raise a good man. I thought that was the biggest challenge a woman could have, and so I get the embarrassment of riches."

It is still unclear who will play Martha's husband, Jonathan "Pa" Kent, although a rumor surfaced last month that Kevin Costner is set for the role. We haven't heard any news on Kevin Costner's involvement in Superman since then.