It's been another crazy, fun-filled summer inside the Big Brother house. It all began with 14 Houseguests and two interesting twists and each week the drama intensified. Dick Donato emerged triumphant last night as the Big Brother 8 grand prize winner of $500,000 based on the votes of his former housemates on the jury. Daniele Donato will receive $50,000 as the second place winner.

After living in the Big Brother 8 house for 81 days, Dick Donato, the 44-year-old Bar Manager, from Los Angeles, Calif., faced a jury consisting of the last seven evicted Houseguests (listed in order of eviction): Dustin Erikstrup, Jen Johnson, Amber Siyavus, Jessica Hughbanks, Eric Stein, Jameka Cameron and Zach Swerdzewski. Carol Journey, Joe Barber, Mike Dutz, Nick Starcevic and Kail Harbick were also present, but were not part of the jury.

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After each of the jury members had the chance to ask the finalists questions, the seven members of the jury voted live on-air for whom they wanted to win. By a vote of 5-2, Dick became the grand-prize winner of $500,000. Eric, Dustin, Zac, Amber and Jessica voted for Dick while Jameka and Jen voted for Daniele.

After leaving Big Brother 8, Daniele and Dick were met by family and former housemates and interviewed by Julie Chen.

Houseguests were aware of the rival pairs twist once they entered the Big Brother House in July, but as the season came to an end last night, Houseguests were shocked to learn for the first time about the "America's Player" twist and that "America's Player" was Eric Stein, who deceived them all summer by playing that role. The "America's Player" twist gave control to viewers in which they voted on an important assignment that "America's Player" had to complete. The assignments were both strategic moves and personal actions. Stein tried to do what viewers requested, including voting out a specific Houseguest.

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