Actor/director Warren Beatty screened his 1990 comic strip adaptation Dick Tracy last night in Hollywood, where he revealed a sequel is still in motion. Here's what he had to say at the Q&A session following the movie.

"When you're really doing good work is when you don't know you're working, and when something just occurs to you, and you go, 'Oh, of course.' I think it's dumb to talk about movies before you make them. I just don't do it. It gives you a reason to avoid making them.""

Warren Beatty declined to provide any plot details, casting possibilities, or a timeline when we might see a Dick Tracy sequel go into production. He also said a new remastered Blu-ray of Dick Tracy is in motion, although he wouldn't say when that would hit the shelves.

We reported last month that Warren Beatty prevailed in his lawsuit against Tribune Co. over the movie rights. Warren Beatty, who starred as the title character and directed Dick Tracy, acquired the rights to the comic strip from Tribune in 1985. The contract stated that movie rights would revert back to Tribune Co. if he wasn't using them for a movie or TV project.

Warren Beatty produced a TV special for Turner Classic Movies in 2009, which featured the actor in full costume as Dick Tracy. The presiding judge ruled this special was adequate grounds for Warren Beatty to retain the Dick Tracy movie rights. It seems now we know why he wanted to hang on to the property.

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