/edgar-wright-exits-marvels-ant-man-over-creative-differences/Yesterday, Marvel and Ant-Man director Edgar Wright parted ways, sighting creative differences over the project. This came as a shock, since the director had been working on the film since 2006, way before Iron Man was even being conceived as a film. While rumors began to spread like wildfire over Edgar Wright's dismissal, the truth may have finally come out this morning. Or at least partially.

The exact reason why Edgar Wright left the project is still a mystery. Some sources claim that the director didn't know how to handle a big budget movie, and he was spending exorbitant amounts of money due to his need to be a perfectionist.

Latnio Review, who is known for spot-on Marvel scoops with trusted inside sources, has another reason for the director's dismissal. They claim that Edgar Wright was not fired from the job, and he was not behind schedule as some outlets suggested. That would have been impossible, since the film has been in pre-production for nearly nine years, and crews had already moved to Atlanta for production to start.

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The main reason Edgar Wright left the movie, this new rumor claims, was over the core morality of the script. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, who are writing the film together, attempted to bow to Marvel's wishes without compromising their own vision for this unique and different type of movie, one that doesn't immediately fall inline with Marvel's franchise sequels to date. They completed two separate-writes, both of which were rejected.

6 weeks ago, Marvel took the script away from these two men who had been working on the movie for nearly a decade, and they handed it over to two younger writers with very few credits to their name. One of the writers works in house at Marvel. Edgar Wright agreed to remain on the project, until he read the draft that was turned in.

The scrip is rumored to have completely nurtured Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's original vision. It is sighted as being 'Poorer, homogenized...' Both writers were shocked by Marvel's sudden lack in faith, and Edgar Wright exited the day after reading the script. It is said that Kevin Feige had faith in the team, but these changes came from the higher ups within Marvel Studios and at Disney. It is believed that the cast does not have the same option to walk away from the movie.

It is also being reported that Joe Cornish will not take over the project, which makes sense if this latest rumor is true. None of this has been confirmed by Disney or Marvel. There may or may not be more on the story as it breaks. While Marvel was originally said to have a new director already lined-up, that is not the case. But they expect to have someone hired before the end of the month. Which is in just a few days. Stay tuned.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange