Smart People director Noam Murro has signed a deal to direct Die Hard 5 for 20th Century Fox. Earlier today we reported that star Bruce Willis was interviewing potential directors himself, but now it seems that Fox has found their man for the next John McClane adventure.

Although plot details weren't revealed, Noam Murro will direct Die Hard 5 from a script by Skip Woods. Our earlier report indicated that Fox is unhappy with the latest draft of Skip Woods' script, although that doesn't seem to be the case now either.

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While Noam Murro's Smart People was his feature directorial debut, he has been nominated for a Directors Guild Award five times for his work on various commercials. 20th Century Fox was reportedly impressed by his latest ad campaign for the Halo video game series.

Bruce Willis hasn't officially signed onto reprise his role of John McClane yet, although he has expressed interest in returning numerous times and the deal seems to be nothing more than a formality at this point.

No production schedule was released for Die Hard 5 yet.