For those wondering, it sounds like Die Hard Year One, which will be part prequel and partly set in the present day, is still happening. The project has been in the works for a few years now, but development has been a little slow. Now, producer Len Wiseman has revealed some particularly interesting tidbits about Die Hard 6. For starters, Bruce Willis is going to have a say in who plays the younger John McClane. Wiseman doesn't know for sure if that was in Willis' contract, but it's just the way they want it done. Here's what he had to say.

"Contractually, I don't have any idea. Personally, together he and I, I want that."
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Another interesting bit that he divulged is that there will be a younger version of John's wife Holly in the movie. "There is [a young Holly]. I will tell you there is," further teasing, "There may very well be [a reunion]," in the present between the older John McClane and Holly. Actress Bonnie Bedelia portrayed Holly in the original Die Hard and the first sequel. Len Wiseman also says that the core idea for the movie hasn't changed since they came up with it.

"The core idea has not [changed] at all. It's still working in parallel, cutting back and forth, what we see in the '70s has ramifications on present day Bruce."

The past couple of movies in the franchise have been problematic. Live Free or Die Hard suffered from turning John McClane into a ridiculous action hero in a PG-13 romp, as opposed to the everyman we fell in love with. A Good Day to Die Hard was just an unfortunate misfire on virtually every level. Len Wiseman, perhaps most importantly of all, recognizes the error of their ways and doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of the past.

"Die Hard's going to be happening fairly soon. No dates. I've been asked about dates before and I'm always wrong. The date is when the script is right which is when we all want to go. The script has taken quite a long time. I want it to be right, as everybody does. The truth is we started prepping Live Free or Die Hard when the script was not ready. That process of working on the script as we were shooting the movie is not the funnest thing in the world to do. We pulled it together but nobody wants to go through that again. I think it's also more so than any other time, [the script]'s very important. We've seen it all. We've seen a lot. I think even, say, 10 years ago, I think studios in general were a little bit more willing to put movies like that, franchise movies into production with a sense of 'we'll continue to work on the script.' I think that attitude has changed."

Die Hard recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and all these years later, it remains one of the best action movies ever made. It would be great to see the franchise return to its former glory before Bruce Willis gets too old to actually make these kinds of movies. Die Hard Year One doesn't currently have a release date, but according to these comments made by Len Wiseman, it sounds like we won't be waiting too much longer. Assuming all goes well. This news comes to us courtesy of SlashFilm.