Bruce Willis is back as John McClane once again, and this time in a short film doubling as a commercial for DieHard car batteries. With high production value and Willis treating the role the very same way he has in all five movies, the short does have that distinct Die Hard feel to it --- even if it also has some funny moments. The two-minute video, dubbed "DIEHARD IS BACK," has been posted to YouTube by Advance Auto Parts, and you can watch it below.

"Well, you wanted the quiet life, John. Dead batteries. Empty streets," John McClane says at the beginning of the video with his car unable to start. He is forced to go into an Advance Auto Parts store to purchase a battery, and that's when he's approached by an assault team led by Clarence Gilyard Jr. as Theo, Hans Gruber's tech specialist from the original Die Hard. But that's not going to stop him from buying a DieHard battery, crashing through the store's window to pick one up.

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"Is there another way out?" McClane asks a store employee. This leads to a familiar moment as McClane shimmies his way through another oversized air duct. He manages to escape the building and reunite with his limo driver, Argyle, with De'voreaux White reprising the role. It all culminates in McClane reaching his car to install the DieHard battery, but not before using it to whack a henchman in the face. In true Die Hard fashion, he also blows up his pursuers.

"I always have a lot of fun playing John McClane and I really enjoyed how Advance Auto Parts brought in De'voreaux and Clarence from the original film," Willis said of the advertisement. "I give Advance a lot of credit for digging into the film to cleverly insert DieHard the battery and giving fans a new, entertaining storyline."

Bruce Willis has been playing the role of John McClane for over three decades. The first Die Hard was released in 1988 to great success, spawning one of the most popular action movie franchises to date. Willis would reprise the role for Die Hard 2 and Die Hard with a Vengeance in the '90s, and for a while, it appeared that the franchise would serve as a trilogy. He stepped back into the part for Live Free or Die Hard in 2007 and again in A Good Day to Die Hard in 2013.

It's unclear if we'll ever see another Die Hard movie hit the big screen. Plans for a prequel story dubbed McClane had stalled at Fox when the company was acquired by Disney, leaving the future of the series uncertain. While there's always the possibility that Disney may try to do something with Die Hard at some point in the future, as of now, the franchise appears to be dead.

We may not ever see Die Hard 6 on the big screen, but the DieHard commercial with Willis as John McClane seems to be the next best thing. The "DIEHARD IS BACK" video comes to us from Advance Auto Parts on YouTube.